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Rachael Payton is the Founder and President of BeGreatDC and holds an extensive professional background in communications and public relations. She created BeGreatDC in an effort to create unique community service opportunities and to provide a platform for local nonprofits to gain awareness. What began as a simple volunteer fair in 2017, has now blossomed into a 40-member nonprofit, hosting dozens of community service events each year.

Rachael is also the founder of BeGreatDC, a local nonprofit dedicated to health and wellness, youth education, and community engagement in Washington, D.C. Under her leadership in 2020, BeGreatDC responded to the pandemic by putting nearly $10,000 worth of resources back into the community from COVID-19 relief efforts for the homeless population to providing students with Microsoft Surfaces for virtual learning. 

Prior to founding BeGreatDC, Rachael served on the 2016 Executive Leadership Team as Director of Communications for the Northern Virginia Urban League Young Professionals Network.

In addition, she is also a 2013 alumna of the Washington Media Institute where she developed a mature understanding of media relations while studying the intersection of communications, politics, and journalism in DC.  

Rachael earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication from Old Dominion University in 2014.

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